learn about our regenerative growing practices, and our permaculture gardens!

Sustainably Grown Flowers


Everything we sell we've grown with our own hands following organic farming practices. Your flowers are guaranteed to be long lasting, vibrant, and seasonal. 

Wildflower field

We are converting as much lawn space as we can to wildflowers, fruit & nut trees, and blooming perennials. 

innovative practices 

We grow and produce flowers as many months during the year we can, through using hoophouses!

plan a visit 

We are doing so much more out here than just growing cut flowers. Jem is a certified permaculture gardener, and he has designed our developing food forest and orchards. We not only grow beautiful flowers, we want our farm to be like a little cottage style English paradise in the middle of north central Indiana. 

we want our farm to be more like a secret garden...

Where to find us

Purchase our flowers in person! Our flowers are locally-grown following organic farming practices.

Catey Heritage Farm stand

Open May - October,
at 2742 E Wabash Rd, Peru, IN, 46970
HOURS OPEN TBA - check social media, join mailing list, or look for the flag at the end of the lane